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The Lift Shaft Incident

The Lift Shaft Incident

Genre: Rock

Location: Glasgow, Lanarkshire

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About The Lift Shaft Incident

The Lift Shaft Incident! features phenomenal rock covers from the likes of Bon Jovi, G n R, Led Zep, AC/DC, Rainbow, Van Halen, Billy Idol and more....

In 1988 a secret Government laboratory completed a highly classified project to develop a temporal distortion device. In effect a Time Machine.
After what they thought was a successful test they had a huge celebration party that was to have tragic consequences.
They hired the hottest Rock Band in town and partied the night away but little did they realise the temporal rift had destabilised and created a portal at the bottom of the Elevator
The band packed up and the took the Service Lift to the basement but before they reached the bottom there was a massive explosion.
The band was presumed dead and the project was considered too dangerous to continue after the now infamous Lift Shaft Incident.
At least that’s what they thought……

In 2015 a shell shocked rag tag group of Rock Gods emerged from an abandoned military facility. Dave Lee Roth was bald, Richie Blackmore was playing a hurdie gurdie with a mushroom on his head, ,Vince Neil was fat, something terrible had happen to David Coverdale, Kiss remained bizarrely unchanged, Pop Music featured people singing over horrible backing tracks and guitar bands seemed unable to play their instruments properly.

Something had to be done …

The Lift Shaft Incident named themselves after the accident that threw them forward in time and embarked on a mission to SAVE ROCK AND ROLL. Armed with only the stage clothes and light show from 1988 they play the music of their time. Van Halen, Motley Crue, AC\DC, Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Guns n Roses and some new tunes they picked up along the way

So if your favourite Metal is Heavy,
your favourite watch is a Casio,
you think Spandex is a constitutional right,
you think bands should be able to sing AND play,
You wish Eddie Van Halen played longer guitar solos,
you think Bandanas are cool,
You don’t know what a Jedward is
you just wanna Rock n Roll all night and Party EVERY DAY ….
Then get yourself along to the next Lift Shaft Incident Gig and throw up the horns for the love of ROCK

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