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Cleveland Police Community Band

appearing at

Saltburn Bandstand

Saltburn-by-the-Sea, North Yorkshire

Sunday 18th of August 2019

14:30 - 16:00

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Cleveland Police Community Band Profile Pic

Cleveland Police Community Band


Live Performance
Brass Band


The purpose of the Band is to promote links between the community and Cleveland Police and displaying the professionalism of the Force through the excellence of music.

Cleveland Police grew from a number of separate police forces following amalgamations in the 1970’s. Originally named Teesside for a number of years, in 1964 sections from North Yorkshire Police, Durham Police and Teesside were joined to become Cleveland Constabulary.

The history of Middlesbrough Police goes even further back but the story of the Cleveland Police Band starts in the 1960s. A period musically of great change, with the effect of numerous styles of American music to influence as well as the famous Merseybeat and the birth of the Beatles. The development of the musical and the huge film industry desperate to succeed with their Oscar nominations relied heavily on the use of music as main title and background support.

Historically, in the North East of England, the brass band has progressed, through the likes of the mining communities and Salvation Army, for perhaps the last one hundred and fifty years. In so doing it has planted a deep appreciation within the public. The popularity in radio and television has also gone a long way to bring brass band music into the public domain.

However the actual live performance of music is still regarded as a spectacle and source of entertainment that should continue. To be able to give public performances within the region is therefore, clearly an important feature of the band. Furthermore, a number of the performances are specific to other organisations, (The British Legion for example) and our support in this area goes a long way in extending the traditions of the country. Our involvement with many charities both local and national, are also well received.

To quote from one of the documents at the time, "In September 1970, the Police Committee Cleveland Constabulary sanctioned the formation of a Police Band"

Saltburn Bandstand

Venue Type

Public Bandstand

Saltburn Bandstand Profile Pic


Once home to three bandstands, one at the pier head, one in the Valley Gardens and one in Hazel Grove, all now lost, a long campaign was fought by local people, in particular the Saltburn 500 Club to bring a bandstand back to the town.

In July 1997 after years of fund raising and a National Lottery Grant for £63,500, the Bandstand,which was designed by Peter Fenton, a well known local architect, was opened.

The Bandstand also boasts decorative security screens made by local wrought ironsmith James Godbold who has a forge in the village of Egton, North Yorkshire. Every year free band concerts are held between May and September. Volunteers from the Saltburn 500 Club work hard to raise money to maintain the bandstand and organise the concerts with support from Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council and Saltburn, Marske and New Marske Parish Council.

Cleveland Way,


North Yorkshire,


TS12 1HF.

Family FriendlyCafe Nearby

Free Admission

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