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Broken Levee

Broken Levee

Genre: Blues, Rock, Funk

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear

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About Broken Levee

Broken Levee are a stylish and charismatic blues trio hailing from the North East of England. They continue to stun audiences across the country with surging and full-blooded performances that reveal an impressive trove of original compositions. Their sound echoes the Great British and American blues acts but also delivers a unique and rich new take on the genre. The band are constantly drawing influence from an eclectic range of artists from jazz, funk, soul, rock and indeed the blues!

In 2017 Broken Levee developed a performing and writing partnership with renowned North East jazz vocalist Lindsay Hannon. Hailing from Northumberland, Lindsay Hannon has an explosive blues voice, which veers from raucous and ballsy, to vulnerable and tender. This versatile musician always turns in an electric and heartfelt performance.

Ian Simpson is lead guitarist and regular singer for the band. His passion for the blues stems right back to when he was just 4 years old. He used to watch his Father playing the guitar with great intent and curiosity. After taking his first lessons at the age of 7, it was clear that this kid was put here to play guitar and perform. Over the years Simpson has found inspiration in a variety of different styles but ever since he heard the opening riff to Eric Clapton's Layla, it has always been about the blues for him.

Simpson's playing leaves audiences pining for more. Guitar solos march and meander, while sonorous riffs melt into beautifully sustained phrases, reflecting the styles of his main influences such as Joe Bonamassa, Eric Clapton and Rory Gallagher.

Across the stage is the towering prowess of bass player, James Robson. As a local musician Robson has built up a reputation for his ability to handle any style and any groove. Due to his eclectic influences and his education and experience working in the local Jazz scene, Robson is able to use the space between guitar and drums to create bass lines that prowl with snarling assurance, providing a rock steady foundation for their songs.

Connecting the trio’s rhythm is the unstoppable force and vigour of drummer, James Carmichael. After being introduced to the drums during his high school years, Carmichael immediately fell in love with the variety and contrast of styles he’d heard from the likes of Buddy Rich to John Bonham. His driving power and quick stick trickery creates an intriguing pulse that absorbs and captivates audiences, yet always maintains a solid and refined groove that ensures every performance is driven and secure.

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