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Alex Gavaghan & the Boss Jockeys

Alex Gavaghan & the Boss Jockeys

Genre: Guitar Sounds

Location: Liverpool, Merseyside

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About Alex Gavaghan & the Boss Jockeys

I've been d**king around with music in some form or other ever since I was handed the That'll be The Day soundtrack and Beatles Red as a young ladeeo by mother to stop me being 'in the way'. I eventually made the connection between the sounds flanging out of the record player and the twatted old classical standing idle in the corner. Since those overly romanticised beginnings I've played all kinds of sh*t, but when you boil me down to my essential syrups, although I'll never have Ringo sideburns, I'm a grown man still pretending to be Del Shannon / Buddy Holly / Brian Hyland et al but still not David Essex. But f**k it, I'm enjoying myself, I'm still doing me music and sometimes I even get paid enough to keep me in rent.

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Over 7 days away

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The Caledonia

Liverpool, Merseyside

Venue Type : Pub

Admission Charge : Free

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