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Genre: Psychedelic

Based in the UK

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About Twink

John Charles Edward Alder (born 29 November 1944), better known as Twink, is an English drummer, singer and songwriter who was a central figure in the English psychedelic movement, and an actor.

The Pretty Things
Twink replaced Skip Allen in The Pretty Things (alongside Phil May, Dick Taylor, Wally Allen & John Povey) and participated in the making of their classic album S.F. Sorrow. He was also a member of this group when they appeared in the Norman Wisdom film, What's Good for the Goose. He became noted for outrageous behaviour, such as climbing the speaker stacks and diving into the audience when the band performed at a free open-air concert in London's Hyde Park.

Think Pink
He recorded his first solo album, Think Pink, towards the end of his tenure with The Pretty Things. Supporting musicians were The Deviants, including Mick Farren (who produced the album), Paul Rudolph (who played guitar), Russell Hunter and Duncan 'Sandy' Sanderson; as well as Steve Peregrin Took (of Tyrannosaurus Rex); The Pretty Things' May, Povey, Waller and Victor Unitt; Viv Prince (ex-Pretty Things); John 'The Honk' Lodge (Junior's Eyes, Quiver); 'Junior' Wood and the enigmatic 'Pink Fairies Motorcycle Club and All-Star Rock and Roll Band' (the name taken from a story by Deviants manager Jamie Mandelkau, who may not have been aware of Twink's former band).

The Pink Fairies
Twink with the Pink Fairies at Glastonbury Fayre in 1971
The line up of The Pink Fairies featured Think Pink musicians Twink, Took and Farren – all three having left their respective bands – and was named after the 'Pink Fairies Rock 'n' Roll Club', a loose group of people including Took, Farren, The Deviants, Syd Barrett (formerly of Pink Floyd) and The Pretty Things. They were resident in Ladbroke Grove, the home of the UK Underground. The Mark 1 line-up performed one shambolic gig in Manchester and recorded Farren's solo album, Mona – The Carnivorous Circus, in late 1969 before falling apart. Took, Farren and Larry Wallis then assembled the band that became Shagrat, with Farren departing before any recordings were made.

After a spell in Morocco Twink moved to Cambridge and worked with the 'Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band', initially with vocalist/guitarist Bruce Michael Paine (ex-Apple Pie & star of the San Francisco production of 'Hair') and 'The Honk' playing bass, and also played in a band named ZZZ with Alan Lee Shaw and Rod Latter (who later reunited as The Rings). The Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band, now with ex-Delivery bass player Jack Monck, backed American Blues guitarist Eddie "Guitar" Burns at King's College Cellar in January 1972. Jack's wife Jenny Spires, an old friend of Twink's and former girlfriend of Syd Barrett (ex-Pink Floyd), went with Syd down to the gig and he brought his guitar along and jammed with them at one point. The next day, the Last Minute Put Together Boogie Band, with guests Fred Frith and Syd Barrett, played on a bill with Hawkwind and the Pink Fairies.

Within the next day or two Twink formed the short lived trio 'Stars' with Barrett and Monck. Stars played a handful of shows which were well received. However, Syd, fragile mentally, quit after reading a negative review by Roy Hollingworth in Melody Maker, after which Twink moved back to London. During the years 1972 to 1975, Twink periodically performed with fellow Ladbroke Grove community band Hawkwind and with the band Glider, but no recordings were made. In July 1975, The Pink Fairies staged a reunion gig at the Roundhouse featuring the then-current line-up of Russell Hunter, Duncan Sanderson and Larry Wallis, joined by former members Twink and Paul Rudolph. The reunion show was released as a live album in 1982.

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