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Genre: 1980's Electronica New Wave Tribute Band

Based in the UK

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About Electromantics

Electromantic's are a 1980's Electronica/New Wave Tribute band from Merseyside. The band play live shows all over the country from Glasgow to London and are steadily building a large following of dedicated fans. Gold is the lead vocalist / frontman, Green is the second vocalist / guitarist / keyboard player and Red is the main keyboard player / backing vocalist.
Manochrome performs robotics on stage with Electromantics's during certain points of the live set, namely 'The Model', 'Whip it' and 'Are Friends Electric?'
Loved by fans of the band, Manochrome's on stage performance amazes audiences with his ability to stand perfectly still for lengthy periods of time (up to 90% of the total live show!), often convincing the crowd that he is in fact, a mannequin! He has certainly seemed to have become a highlight of the show and is greeted with appreciative cheers whenever he activates his motion programs on stage.

Appearing at...
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Burtonwood Catholic Club

Burtonwood, Merseyside

Venue Type : Social Club

Burtonwood Catholic Club is a family-friendly social club in the heart of Burtonwood village in Warrington.

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