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The Ryk Mead Band

The Ryk Mead Band

Genre: Blues Band

Location: London, Greater London

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About The Ryk Mead Band

The Ryk Mead Band are indeed a blues band but by definition a lot more. A Stunning Power Blues, Jazz, Rock Trio.

Through playing many different styles of music it has always been the case that the blues has had a deep influence on whatever type of material I’ve played. As time progressed, so did the inclination to select the more obscure and less trodden path of song and material I wanted to play. S0, it has been an enormous influence on the characteristic and direction the band has followed.

It's hard to say whether this is my influence on the other members of the band or if the others have joined because they feel the same about the way music has influenced them. Whatever the case my band has developed a style of its own.

A criticism was once leveled at the band through a suggestion that our tendency to go our own way is self indulgent. I can understand how it might be seen from that perspective. However, as i pointed out, many bands play the same cover versions of the most well known material, and that’s fine. I asked the question, “doesn’t that make all the other bands the same? That’s what makes us different, not just for the sake of being different, but could it be that it's you who are being self indulgent and closed off to anything new or different. You just want to hear it the same way, your way, and that’s OK but isn’t that also narrow. Maybe you could have a wider world if you open your mind a bit more."

When I play live the set may change from night to night. We might suddenly change an arrangement or change direction at any moment within a song. The basis of the song stays the same but things change, imagination and feel for the moment take over; something new is created. Not even the guy’s in the band know when it's coming. This creates a tension and excitement that means things evolve and develop night by night. With hard work it becomes possible. This makes every gig potentially electrifying and new.

Ryk Mead, singer/guitarist, songwriter, Musical Director; Heart and soul of the band. A confirmed guitar virtuoso, started a gigging career on stage in the late 60s, touring in Germany from October 1969, he has built a reputation on solid experience gained alongside some of the worlds famous names, such as: Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Annie Lennox, Alison Moyet, The Pretty Things, Steve Waller (Manfred Man's Earth Band), Paul Fox and Dave Ruffy (The Ruts), Elmer Gantry (Stretch / Alan Parsons Project) Beverley Martyn (partner of former icon John Martyn) and a host supporting musicians from the professional arena. Working through many styles and genres, as professionals often do, Ryk has paid his dues and now has a world of experience to draw on. But if you listen you will hear in all these styles the heart of the blues.

Internationally, this native Londoner is performing all over the world, from China to the United States. Recently appeared in the USA as supporting act for Willy Nelson, and in Europe often touring France.



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