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Genre: Rock/Indie/Funk Covers

Location: Hereford, Herefordshire

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Rubble last logged in on 25th of February 2019

About Rubble

RUBBLE was originally conceived by Dave Hague from the dark recesses of his overactive but creative mind. He then found Steve Dodd and the project started to turn into a band.

Why the name “Rubble” – well after multiple humorous and serious suggestions from band members we decided “5 Shades of Grey” just didn’t cut it so…..”Rubble”….a mix of rock….seemed to encapsulate who and what we were aiming for:

So on Saturday 13th July 2013 RUBBLE was born and launched after a gestation period of 9 months in selecting songs, mapping them and rehearsals.

Since then we have gigged in and at local pubs, restaurants, lorry trailers, racecourses, pub car parks, clubs, music festivals and back gardens!

We have also been blessed with great drummers when Taff Addey joined us after Rob Stanton left. But now, having come full circle, the prodigal son (John Ashley Brown) has returned following the devastating news that Taff’s work commitments took him too far afield to remain in the band.