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appearing at

The Hop

Wakefield, West Yorkshire


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Classic Rock


We're a 70s classic rock covers band (with a bit of late sixties thrown in for a good measure). We believe in the rock, but have tired of the indie pretenders to the rock throne. We don't have long hair, but we have the ability to drink beer, hit drums hard, play solos that contain two and a half tone bends and sing Since You Been Gone in its original key.

If any or all of this speaks to you then come and see us. Simple as that.

To say that music died in the 80s isn't entirely true, but we aren't just any old covers band. Bon Jovi and Guns n Roses have their place – it's just not in our set. In fact you won't find anything released after Dec 31st 1979 – we had to have a rule, and that was it (that, and don't piss the bassist off).

In reality the most glorious time for music was late 60s, early 70s. That was the period that started us off down this path, when the tectonic plates of planet rock started to shift: Hendrix, Zeppelin, Faces, Free, early Fleetwod Mac, that kind of earthy bluesy rock, when jeans were still tight and flower power wasn't yet something to be ashamed of.

But talk of 70s rock opened up a whole world of overblown possibilities that just could not be ignored: Quo, Rainbow, Queen, Floyd, ELO. Yes, these were the guys whose hyperbole eventually led to punk destroying rock for a decade - but the benefit of hindsight allows us to see past their shame and bask in the unbridled joy of classic rock, maybe even hair rock, and just a for a minute, a bit of cock rock.

Because let's face it, when you've a pint in your hand and blood in your veins the last thing you want to hear is another feckless indie four-piece strumming out the same derivative pap. You want to rock! And rock the way the gods of yore once did. Valhalla, I am coming (and yes, we do do that one, before you ask).

The Hop

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The Hop has undergone an exciting new refurbishment, including a new purposely built extension for the front bar, an enlarged courtyard, new weekend bar, along with our Friday and Saturday night favourite cover bands. So come along and sample our usual high quality real ales as well as a new range of craft beer prosecco and cocktails.

19 Bank Street,


West Yorkshire,


WF1 1EH.

01924 367 111

Parking AvailableDisabled AccessAlcohol ServedReal Ale ServedOutside SeatingSmoking Area

Free Admission

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