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Electro 80s

appearing at

Warrington Irish Club

Warrington, Cheshire

All Saint's Day

Friday 1st of November 2019


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Electro 80s


Live Performance
80's Tribute


Electro 80’s officially formed in 2006, however it was to be over a year later when they performed their first live show. The three core members are unusually named after the three primary colours used in electronic display systems; Red, Green and Blue.

It was Red and Blue that first decided to start the band as a duo. Red had played for many years on the club scene in bands like “Loudmouth”, “The Works” and “Garbo Talks”, Blue also had vast experience on the circuit with “Never 2 Late” and “Some Respect”. Both Red and Blue had always been huge fans of early 80’s electronica, and to move away from the traditional fare of the cabaret scene, decided to pay tribute to this genre of music. It was in these very early stages of the band that it was decided a third member was needed, adding guitar and extra vocal capabilities would vastly increase the scope of the band. It was at this point the duo became three, linking up with Green, who had worked with Blue in the past in both “Some Respect” and “Never 2 Late”.

Once the final line up had been decided, work began on programming the live set. It was agreed early on that accuracy was going to be paramount in the construction of the songs. Painstaking detail went into the construction of every sound used in the set, taking over twelve months to complete. Once the songs were programmed and rehearsed, it was time to work on the lightshow. Electro 80’s (as they were now known) had always wanted an impressive lightshow to compliment their live performance. Blue had personally put a lot of investment into the actual equipment and now it was time to invest a lot of man-hours in the programming of each individual sequence of the show. One thing that is often commented on about the band live is the detail in the lightshow, each nuance in the music, from filter sweeps to drum fill is complemented with a suitable movement of the computer controlled scanners or a short strobe sequence, everything is perfectly synchronised with the music. This was also a time consuming process, taking over six months of intensive programming to complete.

A year and a half after forming, Electro 80’s were ready to show the results of their hard work to the general public. Was it worth all of the effort? See for yourself, Electro 80’s are one of the most active bands on the circuit.... they are “The UK’s Premier 1980’s Electronica Tribute Band”.

Warrington Irish Club

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Members Club

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Traditional irish music nights, themed nights, Karaoke nights and a sports bar with sky BT and Premier sports channels & lots more.

Monday Bingo Eyes Down at 7.30pm.
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Wednesday afternoons over 50’s Luncheon Club with Bingo, open the box and a pie and a cake.
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Karaoke in the bar most fridays.
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We are a friendly members club who also like to encourage non members and guests to come down and enjoy the craic yourself. You're more than welcome.

83 Orford Lane,




WA2 7AL.

01925 243363

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Free Admission

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