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Florence Park Community Centre

Florence Park Community Centre

Venue Type: Community Centre

Cornwallis Road
Oxford, Oxfordshire


3 gigs listed (see below)

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Upcoming Gigs

Divine Schism: Holiday Ghosts

Genre: co-promo with Freak Scene

Music - General
Looking forward to this! Holiday Ghosts, quit your corporate job, put laptop in shredder, walk away, go outside, remember what the Clean, the Go Betweens and the Modern Lovers once promised you: a life cracked open with fresh new possibilities. Three songwriters revel in lyrics descended down from Ray Davies...

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Divine Schism: Garden Centre + Suep + The Dumplings

Genre: Music - General

Yes! Garden Centre come back to Oxford with full band in tow and bring along best pals Suep for their first tour!

Max Levy performed as King of Cats at the first show Aiden ever put on in 2011 and the wonderful eccentric pop wizard is most welcome in these parts in any guise.

Georgie from Garden Centre and Porridge Radio brings her new band Suep ...

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Divine Schism: Cassels

Genre: Music - General

Cassels is London based
duo and brothers, Jim and Loz
. The
write experimental
, punk
which is underpinned by part sung, part spoken word lyrics they describe as "an
intentionally muddy mix of experience,
opinion, red herrings and fiction?.
Today the
new record,
A Gut Feeling

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