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Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

94 Parkway
Camden Town, Greater London


020 7485 1773

47 gigs listed (see below)

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About Dublin Castle

Venue Type: Pub

The Dublin Castle is a legendary pub and music venue located 2 minutes away from Camden Town tube station. It has been run by the same family for over 28 years and features 4 live bands every night as well as a great selection of beers, ciders and wines.

There are DJs after the bands on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and a fabulous jukebox in the front bar if you’re after a more relaxed atmosphere.

But what is it that makes the Dublin Castle the long-standing centre of the indie rock universe? Is it because it’s Madness’ birthplace? Because its stage has been graced by everyone from Blur, through Coldplay, Supergrass, The Killers, The Arctic Monkeys, Billy Bragg, etc? Is it because it was no surprise to see Amy Winehouse behind the bar serving costumers? Or Suggs? (who, mind you, tended to ignore costumers and serve himself) Or is it because far from being just another Camden venue it has established itself as an indie rock institution? The answer is that it’s not only because of its musical heritage that people come to the Dublin Castle, it’s because whilst you enjoy a pint, play some tunes on the jukebox, check out the live bands, get your dancing shoes on for our DJs, chat to our friendly staff or even stage-invade a little, you’re inadvertently being part of this movement the Dublin Castle leads, this cultural legacy. Expect no castle battlements. Just pure rock and roll royalty.

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Upcoming Gigs

Open Palms

Genre: Music - General

Open Palms - High energy pop punk with some emo touches, and post grunge alt rock attack aplenty, as evinced by their debut single 'New Fiction', launched tonight.

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The Dirty Strangers

Genre: Music - General

The Dirty Strangers? blues growly rocknroll with a hint of punk and late ?60s counter cultural stuff and groove rock..Some Hendrix in here too for sure..a Faces meets Heavy Metal Kids rocknroll happening. The Juvenile Wrecks-Low slunk punk n roll with a nod to the heartbreakers and Lords Of The New Church, feat Nigel Moggs, Quireboys bassist

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The Hellfire Club Get Ballsy In Camden Town

Genre: Music - General

The Hellfire Club - Brightonian heavy groove rock specialists. Ballsy they calls it, and ballsy it is.

Deadjackals - blistering, melodic hard rock

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Ska, Punky Party #3

Genre: Music - General

The Best live band in the ska scene...thats what Nick Grimshew DJ reckons,.. the excellent HOT KNIVES play the iconic venue the Dublin Castle, Camden, London, the home of Ska Madness.Plus support from punky skaoisters Jack the lad in the #3 of this Skaa Punkyy Partyyyy...with all the top ska Djs from www.bootboyradio.net playing all the best sounds...

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The Hotknives

Genre: Music - Classical

The HotKnives - ah, coughing and spluttering and laughing yer arse off bent over the gas ring with a sawn off coke bottle as yer mum's best cutlery gets eternally blackened along with your throat and lungs. Heady daze. And then there's the brilliant band! First emerging in 1982, this amazing second wave of British Ska outfit quickly cultivated a m...

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Ok Cane

Genre: Music - General

OK Cane - Young- VERY young band, but their mams and dads, big bruvs and sisses will be in attendance!... certainly all teens anyway, and impressively prodigious talents they are too, playing slinky, cool indie rock with a bit of a scally baggy vibe..tender years, but terrific talent.

Blue Mar - raw and lofi but at the same time kind of commerci...

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The New Sticky

Genre: Music - General

The New Sticky - The New Sticky are real Freaky...and so is their debut single...'Freaky' that is. Freaky but fun, with an energized post punk sound predicated on a fizzing, vital performance. Very much in the much loved round these 'ere parts 'punk funk' department...so think Fire Engines, Higsons, Contortions, Hell...there's even a touch of Hair...

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